Nissan Told to be Clearer About Leaf Charging Times

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nissan has got into some retrospective trouble about the way it promoted its second generation Leaf EV, with complaints lodged with the advertising police about various charging claims upheld.

The Leaf, although everyone agrees it's a smashing EV, is somewhat limited by an odd restriction on the number of times per day it can fast charge its battery at maximum input. That number of times is one (1) in some cases, meaning drivers planning their EV road trips for social media content generation purposes or legit massive work travel found themselves forced to normal-charge once the day's allowed fast charge was used up, slowing trips and shredding carefully planned schedules.

Hence Nissan altered its charging claims to state that the car could get up to an 80 per cent range capacity within 60 minutes of charging in most cases -- but even that vague factual addition was found to be lacking, as the ASA explained that: "...we considered that even with those amendments the ad was still likely to mislead because the claim and accompanying footnote still did not clearly convey the degree of variability in the time that may be required to deliver a certain amount of charge."

Hence there will be an extra line or two of boring charging time small print on future Leaf adverts, to cover their arses from further internet furore. [ASA]