Now a UK Retailer Has Outed the New Chromecast

By Tom Pritchard on at

We're less than two hours away from Google's big Pixel launch event, dubbed #MadeByGoogle because everything in 2018 has to be marked with some sort of hashtag. But, despite this, Google's sieve-like product security still has some treats for us. This time it's British retailer Very who have put the new Chromecast on sale a few hours too early.

If this sounds familiar it's because the new Chromecast was outed last week by US retailer Best Buy, who broke the street date and put some of the new dongles on shop shelves. The difference here is that it's online, in the UK, and you seem to be able to go through with the whole purchase. Obviously, since the announcement is due this afternoon, you won't be able to get your hands on the thing beforehand. You'll also have to pay £4 postage, so it's worth waiting to see if anyone else offers free delivery.

Sadly the listing doesn't actually reveal any changes between this and the 2nd Gen Chromecast that came out a few years ago. Aside from the new design that is. All it has to offer are details on what a Chromecast is compatible with and what it does, which isn't exactly new information. But at least we know that the price is staying the same as before, without any sort of irritating Brexit-wary inflation being implemented by Google's commercial people.

Given there's just over an hour to go before Google's Pixel event begins at the time of publication, there probably isn't much time to get these leaks to escalate even further. But you never know. A lot can happen in an hour. [Android Police]