O2's Newest Perk Gives You 40 Per Cent Off Cinema Tickets, if You Sign Up for Right Contract

By Tom Pritchard on at

Going to the cinema is an expensive trip these days, especially if you live in the South and don't have easy access to Vue's absurdly cheap ticket prices. There are plenty of perks out there that can reduce the cost for you, but they generally rely on having to go in pairs or make you jump through a bunch of hoops. Well O2 is offering a new perk called 'Popcorn Pass' for people on certain contracts, and it'll give you 40 per cent off tickets at participating cinemas.

Popcorn Pass is valid for two years once redeemed, and gives you 40 per cent off all 2D films every day of the week for your friends and family. It's a pretty good deal if you're not eligible for any other money-saving deals, or tend to go to the cinema with an odd number of people. The downside being that it's not available at all cinemas. According to O2 you can get your discount at "a selection of Odeon, Empires, Showcase, Picturehouse, Reel and Merlin cinemas, as well as an additional few."

Sadly, as far as I can see, there's no list of locations, but since bookings are all done within a dedicated Popcorn Pass app you won't run the risk of turning up at the cinema without enough money.

It also relies on you have the right contract. popcorn Pass is available for customers on:

  • Handsets with 15GB data per month and above, on O2 Refresh
  • Sim Only (on a 12-month minimum term) with 20GB data per month and above
  • Mobile broadband tablets with 15GB data per month and above, on O2 Refresh
  • Mobile broadband pocket hotspots or dongles with 18GB data per month and above, on O2 Refresh
  • Mobile broadband Sim Only with 18GB data per month and above

So if you don't pay for a lot of data you're out of luck. The perk is also reliant on signing on for a new contract between now and 7th November, and them as long as you activate the pass online before 5th December. So there are plenty of hoops to jump through, along with a big long list of terms and conditions, but at least it's not reliant on you buying your car insurance via a Russian meerkat.