OnePlus 6T Price, Specs, Colours Revealed in New Leak

By Holly Brockwell on at

It seems to be the way smartphone launches work these days: a trickle of leaks a few weeks out from release, then a flood of them as we approach launch day. That's how it's going with the much-hyped OnePlus 6T, due to be unveiled on the 30th of October and on sale a week later.

A new leak claims to reveal the OnePlus 6T price, plus information about some of the specs and colours.

Here's what we have so far (and bear in mind this might all be bobbins – a previous leak claimed the phone would launch on the 17th):

  • The OnePlus 6T won't have a headphone jack, but there'll be a type-C adapter available for about £8
  • The model number is A6010 (the OnePlus 5T was A5010, so that makes sense)
  • There'll be three models: 6GB RAM/128GB storage, 8GB RAM/128GB storage and 8GB RAM/256GB storage
  • Converting from Indian rupees, the pricing for the three models in pounds will be roughly £395, £425 and £465
  • The lowest model will only be available in Mirror Black. The middle option will be in Mirror Black or Midnight Black, and the top-end model will only be in Midnight Black.
  • If you're paying attention, this means no 64GB model, and you can choose any colour as long as it's black.

All of this adds to the information we already had, including the in-screen fingerprint readersoftware info, UK stockists and a game that could win you free OnePlus devices for life.

Some of the OnePlus 6T cases have also leaked, most of which are black:

What's with all the black, then? Are OnePlus feeling a bit emo? Is it because it basically launches on Halloween? Honestly, things are bleak enough at the moment, a bit of colour would be nice.

What do you think of the leaks so far? Disappointed by the higher prices or lack of headphone jack? Let us know in the comments. [Gizmochina]