OnePlus 6T Specs Leak Yet Again, Leaving No Surprises For Monday

By Kim Snaith on at

We had a pretty full spec sheet leak for the upcoming OnePlus 6T earlier this week, but now it's happened again – this time with even more details up for grabs. Set to be fully unveiled on Monday, we're not quite sure what's left for OnePlus to tell us about its latest handset. Well, maybe apart from how much it's going to cost. We already know we can pick it up on Amazon, at least.

The new specs sheet – that has popped up on Twitter – confirms a lot of the details that were revealed on Wednesday from German retailer Otto, although we spotted one discrepancy. The earlier specs sheet reported a weight of 185g, whereas today's specs sheet says 180g. Still, we're not going to lose any sleep over five grams.

Here's a closer look at the spec sheet, for those that don't want to click through to Twitter.

New with today's leak is information about the OnePlus 6T's GPU - Adreno 630 – but that's to be expected as the phone said to have the same Snapdragon 845 chipset as the OnePlus 6. The new specs also confirm there's no card slot to offer expandable storage, but that's no surprise since there isn't a single OnePlus device that has

So there you go – pretty much everything you could want to know about the OnePlus 6T before its official launch on Monday. If you're eager to pick one of these up, remember you can head to the OnePlus pop-up store in London on 31st October. [GSM Arena]