The OnePlus 6T Will be Available to Buy From Someone Other Than O2

By Holly Brockwell on at

OnePlus has come a long way. From a no-name Chinese challenger brand with an unproven (but cheap!) flagship competitor all the way back in 2014 (that's a long time in tech, OK?) to the techies' favourite obscure handset manufacturer, to today's announcement: the OnePlus 6T will be stocked by the big networks and retailers, alongside the household names.

The follow-up to the OnePlus 6 – launching on the 30th of October and on sale on the 6th of November – will be stocked at O2 (as with previous OnePlus phones), as well as Vodafone and EE. No mention of Three, though. Retailer-wise, it'll be in John Lewis and Carphone Warehouse, and we suspect Amazon as well, as with the OnePlus 6.

This might not sound like a big deal, but launching a new hardware brand is tough, especially in this market (anyone heard from Wileyfox lately?). In four short years, a brand that famously started with no advertising – just social media word-of-mouth – has earned a place next to multi-million-pound tech behemoths, some of which have been making phones since the eighties.

A lot of that success is down to the fact that hardware-wise, OnePlus phones compete with the flagships at a much lower price. The in-screen fingerprint scanner on the 6T is said to be pushing that price point up a bit, but we reckon it'll still be a fraction of the cost of a top-end Samsung.

It remains to be seen whether the OnePlus 6T will be worth the hype, but if it's got the big names convinced, we're officially excited.