OnePlus is Making a OnePlus 6T Announcement Today

By Kim Snaith on at

OnePlus' next handset, the 6T, was expected to launch next Wednesday, on 17th October. However, a tweet from the company's official Twitter account yesterday makes it seem like an announcement is coming later today.

Exactly what that "exciting announcement" will be isn't entirely clear, but thanks to the deployment of the #OnePlus6T hashtag, we know it's eat least in some way related to the upcoming handset.

OnePlus could surprise announce the 6T in all its glory, or yesterday's tease could simply lead to more teases from the company today, leading up to a bigger reveal next week. However, since the OnePlus Twitter account has been posting teasing images tagged with "#OnePlus6T" since late September with no prior announcement, it seems likely that today's upcoming news may well be something bigger.

According to Twitter's timestamp, the Tweet was made 21 hours ago as of the time of posting. That means we may have an announcement around 1pm this afternoon. Watch this space... [Ubergizmo]

Update: OnePlus 6T's announcement is out of the bag: the phone is arriving on 30th October. You can read the full announcement here.

Featured image: Twitter/OnePlus