OnePlus Just Announced a Brand New Product... But it's a Backpack

By Tom Pritchard on at

We talk a lot about OnePlus here at Giz UK, mainly because people really seem to like reading about OnePlus - and who are we to argue with that. Also OnePlus generally make good phones, which is always nice. Today the company has announced a brand new product some people will be able to buy. Before any of you get excited it's not a phone or some sort of OnePlus 6T accessory, it's a backpack.

Some of you probably forgot OnePlus sold bags, but they do. The branded backpacks were hard come by back in the day, and it sounds as though this new one might be as well. The new Explorer Backpack was just announced to commemorate the fact people have tapped into OnePlus's mobile tapping game 10 million times, working their fingers to death to try and win every future OnePlus device as soon as they're launched.

Obviously the announcement itself was done by YouTube person The Tech Chap, who walked through the bag features in an announcement video. Also the contents of his bag, in case you were wondering about that. Be aware that it's a sponsored video, however, and it's meant to be an advert for OnePlus rather than a critical look at the Explorer Backpack itself.

In case you can't be bothered with a four minute video, you should know that it's made of water resistant material, has a OnePlus logo, and includes different zipped compartments - much like any other backpack. There's no word on pricing, but it apparently be exclusive to OnePlus 6T buyers. In other words you don't get one of these unless you spend however many hundreds of pounds on the new phone. Bit lame, but you know.

The OnePlus 6T is going to be announced on 3oth October, ready for a 6th November release, and presumably more details about the bag will be announced at the same time.