The Pixel 3XL Can Do 1440p60 HDR Video Playback

By Holly Brockwell on at

Exciting news for video fans: the Google Pixel 3XL can play HDR videos at 1440p60 – QHD at 60 frames per second, in other words.

That means if you're the lucky owner of a Pixel 3XL with its famous double-notch ability, you can use that giant, glorious screen to watch beautiful videos like this, from Gary Woodbridge's 1440p60 YouTube playlist:

The Pixel 3XL isn't the first phone to be able to do 1440p60. Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 can both handle it, but the Pixel 2XL caps out at 1080p60 even though it has a QHD screen.

Note that the higher resolution only applies to the XL version of the Pixel 3: the standard Pixel 3 only goes up to 1080p60 HDR, as you might expect considering it has a 1080p screen.

If this has tipped the scales for you to get a Pixel 3XL (we're jealous), here's where to find the best UK deals. [AndroidPolice]