Pluto TV, the Live TV Streaming Service, is Launching in the UK as Part of Now TV

By Tom Pritchard on at

Over in the US, Pluto TV is designed to be a cord-cutter's alternative to Cable TV, giving viewers the chance to watch over 100 channels broadcasting licensed TV programming and films. Because of the adverts it's totally free, and it's just announced that the service is launching in the UK as part of Now TV.

There won't be nearly as many channels, but the idea is the same. Thanks to a partnership with Now TV you'll be able to watch a dozen channels free of charge, provided you're willing to sit through some ads in the process. That's not such a bad trade off, really, and because it's streaming it means you won't need some sort of pricey installation or a TV licence. The channels will  feature specially curated content geared towards a UK audience, covering genres like sports, science, movies and kids programmes alongside other branded channels.

There's not much more to it than that, other than the fact the UK launch is the first stage in a wider European rollout. The ad thing isn't really that great, but it is free. At least it's not like premium Sky channels that cost money and show ads.