PornHub is Funding Research into the Long-Term Effects of Porn

By Holly Brockwell on at

No one expected a porn website to become the good guy of the internet, but PornHub is well on its way with a fascinating blog of data insights and now a $25,000 grant for academics to study the long-term effects of porn.

The PornHub Sexual Wellness Grant received thousands of applications, but one from Omri Gillath, Dr. Ateret Gewirtz-Meydan and Katie Adams at the University of Kansas stood out. The project will include three studies over 18 months, all looking at both positive and negative effects of consuming pornography on relationships and behaviour.

As with any study, the source of the funding should be considered when looking at the results – while PornHub may not be putting any stipulations on the outcome of the research, it's not hard to imagine that the academics might feel some resistance to concluding that porn is terrible when they've just got 1.5 years of research money out of it.

Still, even if that is the case, it'll make a change from the 'porn is the apocalypse' narrative that we hear constantly. Gillath tells Inverse, "For many years there was a trend [of] researchers with a negative bias coming into the area and almost forcing their negative bias on the research of porn."

Of course, it'd be good to get some long-term research that isn't conducted by anti-porn people OR funded by a porn site, but that kind of neutral support is pretty hard to come by in the world of sextech.

At least those 500,000 hours of porn uploaded in 2017 have funded something more useful than the usual fake dating site ads and malware. [Inverse]