Premier Inn Reveals New £19 Emergency Crash Micro Hotel Rooms

By Gary Cutlack on at

Premier Inn has come up with a way to make going away even worse an idea than ever, revealing newer, smaller, cheaper hotel rooms for 2019, so that even millennials might be able to afford a short city break. As long as they don't mind it being in Cardiff and sleeping on something akin to a glorified sun lounger.

The hotel chain's new budget sub-brand is to be called Zip, with its rooms coming with a window if you're lucky, and others just coming with a lightbox to simulate the thrill of living by yourself in a home that has a window. All rooms have a 1980s caravan holiday aesthetic, but at least there's a plug socket near the end of the bed where your tired old head is propped up, along with free Wi-Fi (with a 1GB daily limit and certain device restrictions) if you're in the windowless basement where the local mobile network fails to penetrate. And the room spec list says soap is provided, which is always handy for the morning's panic clean up.

Plus of course prices start at just £19, which ought to head off 99 per cent of complaints. The only major downsides are it's on the fringes of a Cardiff business park and isn't opening until March of 2019. [Premier Inn]