Pringles For Lunch is Environmentally Sound Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

We've learned two things in a very short time today: Pringles tubes can be recycled now, and the Pringles brand is owned by Kellogg's in the UK, which could – we emphasise could – mean that Pringles might be an acceptable breakfast going forwards.

You'll have to do your own science to see if your body and sense of self-esteem can handle Pringles for breakfast, but the complicated science of recycling a Pringles tube – awkward tin foil lining and all -- is now being handled by external recycling expert Terracycle, the same company that's currently sorting through all the returned packets of Walkers.

The deal with recycling Pringles tubes is the same at that put in place to calm the revolution that threatened to engulf Walkers recently, with Kellogg's arranging to have a freepost address put in place that diverts used tubes to Terracycle for processing, and there's also the promise that a small donation will be made to charity each time a tube is returned.

We have asked for clarification as to if it's OK to flatten them out a bit before sending, not because we actually want to know, but in the hope we might get put on the mailing list for samples of new flavours. [Business Green]