Prison Drugs Drone Pilots Accidentally Film Themselves Loading it Up

By Gary Cutlack on at

In a fitting tribute to the recently passed Denis Norden, a Scottish gang recorded their own hilarious blooper while preparing a drone filled with drugs for a drop inside Perth prison. They filmed themselves putting the drugs onboard – along with their house number and car – using the drone's onboard camera, creating a perfect record of their crimes for investigating police.

The men loaded up the drone with around £3,000 worth of drugs, which they later flew into Perth's jail, where a waiting prisoner tried to fish it out of the air but failed, and the drone crashed into the prison yard where prison staff picked it up and found it loaded with the incriminating video evidence. Hence it's entering jail by the more traditional route of being marched through the big front door for two of the three men identified on the video.

PC Nicholas Schembri told the court: "I don’t think they were aware the drone was actually filming at that time. I’m assuming he was looking at the drone to check if it was on, if it was functioning. He was maybe making sure it was properly set-up. From the footage I viewed you could see clearly a tattoo on his neck." [Scotsman]