UK-Grown Pumpkinzilla is Third Biggest Fruit Ever

By Holly Brockwell on at

A pumpkin weighing as much as a car has broken the record for the biggest ever indoor-grown pumpkin in the UK.

The monster squash weighs 2433.9 pounds – that's over 173 stone – and was grown by pumpkin-growing twins Ian and Stuart Paton from Lymington in the New Forest.

Presented at the snappily-named Jubilee Sailing Trust Autumn Pumpkin Festival and Scarecrow Avenue, the pumpkin breaks the brothers' own previous record. They're apparently aiming for the world record next, which currently stands at 2,528 pounds and belongs to New York's Steve Geddes.

After claiming its prize, the record-breaking pumpkin was taken to York to be carved by artist Christian Russell. It's in the running for the Guinness World Record for the biggest jack o'lantern ever and took two days to carve, including using a chainsaw to cut the top off and buying new tools to deal with the size of the thing.

Isn't it refreshing to hear news about a big orange growth that isn't ruining the world? [BBC]

Featured image: PJ Nelson via Flickr CC.