Razer Makes Laptops in White Now

By Catie Keck on at

You never realise how attached to a laptop’s colour a brand is until you see it in a new shade. Razer’s known for black and green fingerprint magnets, so it’s a bit of a (pleasant) surprise to learn that the company has a new white laptop you can potentially use without showcasing your affection for games next time you are at the library/meeting/coffee house full of Macs.

Razer’s announcement of its limited edition Mercury White comes fresh on the heels of last week’s Microsoft reveal of a non-limited edition black version of its Surface Pro and Laptop. The company known for its black products goes white, and the company known for its silver products goes black. In both cases, it’s more interesting than a simple color shift normally is—these colors are iconic for these brands. Or at least very much bound to the notion of the brands themselves. It goes to show that things can get interesting when consumer tech giants switch up what’s comfortable colorwise.

Besides a paler laptop, Razer announced on Wednesday a new base model of its Blade 15. It will retail for £1,480. As the other versions start at £1,980 that’s quite a deal! Going cheap does mean you’re stuck with a 1080p 60Hz display and just a 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD, but that’s £500 less than the next cheapest model with a 1080p 144Hz display and 512GB SSD. And if you’re hoping to get the limited edition white version for cheap think again. There's no UK price just yet, but in the US it starts at $2,200 – likely around £2000 over here.

If you want something different, Razer's hope is you’re willing to pay for it.