The Red Dwarf Blu-Ray Box Art is Smegging Beautiful

By Holly Brockwell on at

Us Dwarfers were pretty disappointed to hear that the Blu-Ray box sets of series 1-8 have missed their December deadline and will instead be arriving in January 2019, but the Despair Squid has left us something in the form of brand new box art.

If you're thinking "this is worse than playing away at Leeds," take heart – the box art is actually really cool, with a new retro/outrun kinda style that we really like.

More good news: as you might have guessed from all those discs, there's a smeg-load of content in the collection. There's an entire disc dedicated to extras from the rare Bodysnatcher Collection, including the episode itself, documentaries from the time, and The End: The Original Assembly.

The box set is a large box containing two smaller boxes, one featuring Red Dwarf and containing series 1-4, and one emblazoned with Starbug and containing series 5-8. The episodes have all been restored and upscaled to HD, although how well that's turned out remains to be seen.

The set will be released on 14th January 2019, and can be preordered from Amazon now for just 39 dollarpounds and 99 pennycents. Delivery locations are said to include Ganymede, Titan, Lunar City Seven and Tarka Dal's abode in the Great Vindaloovian Empire. Smoke us a kipper, we'll be back for January.