Retailer Accidentally Confirms New Chromecast by Selling it Too Early

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've still got just over a week to go before Google's big launch day, where it's expected to announce a whole slew of products - products that include the Pixel 3, Pixel Stand, Home Hub smart display, and so on. There have been plenty of leaks over the past couple of months, and Google's luck hasn't picked up anytime soon, because US retailer Best Buy accidentally confirmed there'd be a third-generation Chromecast by putting it on sale early.

Reddit user GroveStreetHomie was able to purchase the device, and apparently had the intention of picking up the two-year old Chromecast Ultra for their new TV. Instead, after noticing the packaging was different, the cashier had some trouble scanning it due to there being a 9th October release date. Fortunately for GroveStreetHomie staff put it through as a second-gen device, and they were able to take the new dongle home with them, when they discovered it was likely a new model. They weren't the only one either.

Unfortunately the dongle won't setup properly, because it relies on an unreleased version of the Google Home App, but we can get some details on what changes should be coming. For one the design is a little different, with more of a matt finish you'd expect to see on the back of the Pixel handsets. Like the Chromecast Ultra, the new Chromecast has a Google logo in the centre instead of the Chrome logo present on other devices. It's also said to be slightly thicker than the Ultra, but has all the same ports.

So while we can't tell what new features are coming to Chromecast from this incident alone, it's been suggested that the device will be 4K and have Bluetooth - opening up the possibility of controllers and other peripherals. But we're going to have to wait until the 9th to see what Google has in store for us all, especially where details like pricing and availability are concerned. [Reddit via TechRadar]