We Might Not Get That Samsung Folding Phone 'Til June 2019

By Holly Brockwell on at

For a while, it was all looking pretty positive for the long-rumoured Samsung folding phone: first Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh made some comments confirming its existence, then a cryptic tweet was taken as proof it was coming soon, then it turned out the tweet was probably right when a whole load of new details came out about the Galaxy S10 and folding phone, codenamed 'Winner' (eurgh).

Those details stated that the Korean company was "rushing to complete" the folding phone, with the aim of being the category leaders when everyone started making them. That made lots of us get frothy about the possibility that the phone would be coming really, really soon: after all, the Samsung Developer Conference is just weeks away and if they're showing off designs there, as Bloomberg reported, how far off could it really be?

Sadly, UberGizmo has shattered our dreams by pointing out that the same source that gave us that leak on the codename, SDC plans and so on, also mentions that it might not be commercially available until the second quarter of 2019. Which could mean anything up to the end of freakin' JUNE.

OK, that's not a long time in the grand scheme of things, but on the constantly-moving tech hype train, waiting from Halloween to almost the summer holidays for something that feels like it's been about to happen for ages now is pretty disappointing.

But hey, maybe preorders will open early. Like, tomorrow, with full specs and photos and a price we can actually afford. In a world where phones can fold up like newspaper, we reckon anything's possible.

Main image: DennisM2 via Flickr CC.