Samsung is Also Working on Folding-Screen Laptops

By Holly Brockwell on at

We knew Samsung – and LG and Lenovo, and Huawei, and everyone else it seems – was working on a fold-up smartphone. But it seems they're working on foldy laptop displays, too.

According to The Verge, VP of laptop marketing Lee Min-cheol said at a laptop-focused event in South Korea:

"Like foldable smartphones, Samsung is collaborating with display makers to develop laptops with foldable displays that will not just simply fold in and out but create new value and user experience, amid the changing market trends for laptops."

Now, we at Giz UK try not to toot our own horns too much (we're British, after all) but did we or did we not absolutely call that the animation in the notorious Samsung SDC tweet was in fact a laptop?

We'll save you the click: we did.

The Verge was convinced that said tweet proved Samsung would be revealing the folding phone at SDC, but we thought (and still think) it's too subtle to take that from it. It could be a laptop made of folding screen, but it could also just be a normal laptop. Or just a cool graphic. So we won't hold our breaths for an unscheduled unveiling.

However, now that we know folding laptop screens are definitely happening, we get to gleefully speculate on what they'll look like and whether they'll be any good.

Considering 5G phones have already been declared too expensive for consumers, we're a touch confused as to how a laptop with a flexible display would be affordable. In fact, Huawei's 5G folding phone will probably cost an arm and a leg, never mind an entire PC.

It's also not clear whether only the screen will fold, or the whole thing. We can envision lots of benefits of a laptop made entirely from foldy screen being able to roll up like a newspaper for storage, and indeed this is something that's already being worked on with TVs.

We're all very used to on-screen keyboards for our phones, why not on laptops too? That way the whole thing could be flexible, and could potentially convert into several different types of device depending on its position.

Future convertible PCs could be less 2-in-1 and more all-in-one. Colour us excited.