New Details Emerge About the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Folding Phone

By Holly Brockwell on at

Exciting new details about Samsung's phone plans for next year – including 5G, the rumoured foldable phone and the Galaxy S10 – have been revealed in a new report.

Bloomberg's analysis of Samsung's 2019 strategy claims it will include the company's "first 5G-capable smartphone, a cheaper flagship model and a foldable-screen device to challenge Apple Inc. and stay ahead of Chinese rivals."

The report is based on anonymous sources – the old "people familiar with the matter" – who've asked not to be named because the products are still being developed and presumably those people would like to still have jobs when they go on sale.

The information they've given is pretty detailed and it seems unlikely Bloomberg would compromise their reputation unless they were certain it's accurate, so it looks like we now know exactly what to expect from Samsung in 2019.

Here's what we've learnt about the Galaxy S10:

  • There'll be three versions, including an inexpensive one (hopefully not 'inexpensive' in the iPhone XR sense...)
  • There's fingerprint scanner under the screen
  • It has a double-curved, almost bezel-less OLED screen, but not on the cheapest one
  • The lowest-priced S10 also might not get the embedded fingerprint scanner
  • The S10 has three rear cameras while the selfie cam is "visible and tucked under the screen" which The Verge speculates could mean a hole in the screen with a camera beneath
  • It'll have Android Pie (obvs)
  • They're looking at doing one without the headphone jack (noooo)
  • A 5G version of the S10 will be released in the US through Verizon

There's also news on the long-awaited folding phone which the company is apparently "rushing to complete." It's codenamed 'Winner' and Samsung hopes it'll become the default bendy phone as the market for flexible gadgets takes off.

Here's what we now know:

  • There are two prototypes in development, one longer on the horizontal axis and one more vertical
  • The phones both fold out from side to side "with a snap," although apparently less of one than we had with the original flip phones
  • They have a second four-inch screen on the outside for reading notifications and suchlike without opening it up
  • There's no fingerprint sensor because the screen tech doesn't allow for it
  • It's not very glossy, which some people at Samsung are worried consumers won't like
  • The hinge has passed the 200,000 fold durability test, but problems could still emerge when it goes into mass production
  • "The screen, when it cracks, shatters like dried paper," which makes absolutely no sense to us and is presumably a dodgy translation. Dried paper shatters?! If you know what this means, please do let us know in the comments.
  • It's really heavy: over 200g, and Samsung is considering reducing the battery capacity to ameliorate that
  • Samsung and Google are working together on a new version of Android just for this type of device

The report also reveals that the cryptic tweet rumoured to prove that we'll see the folding phone at Samsung Developer Conference has been correctly interpreted: there won't be a physical prototype at the event, but Samsung engineers will present lots of detail and images of the phone's design and features.

The conference is on 7-8 November, so we should be seeing all the juicy details very soon indeed.

What do you think of the new details on the S10 and folding phone? Anything you're particularly excited or disappointed to hear? Let us know in the comments, we are FULLY on this particular hype train. [Bloomberg]

Main image: DennisM2 via Flickr CC.