Samsung is Working on Making DeX Completely Wireless

By Tom Pritchard on at

In the 18 or so months since Samsung first launched DeX, it's gone through quite a few changes. Whether it was the new stand launched with the Galaxy S9, or the stand-free cable that launched alongside the Galaxy Note 9, it seems Samsung is doing a lot to try and make DeX as unintrusive as possible. So it's no surprise that it's working on making the whole system completely wireless.

Unfortunately we don't really know when this wireless system is likely to arrive, because there are obviously some issues with making sure the connection is fast enough to make it actually worth using. Samsung naturally doesn't want people to try DeX, find it's slow and laggy, then write off the system for good.

But, the good news is that one Samsung engineer has been on the community forums, in response to a user requesting the possibility of using a Chromecast or Miracast connection to do all the work. Apparently developers are working on the issue, but because of some of the kinks that need to be worked out there's no solid timeline. There likely won't be until it's ready to go either.

Of course the actual wireless mirroring isn't the only issue. The first DeX stands were necessary to cool off the phone as it was doing the work of a desktop. While the new dongle suggests this is no longer an issue, the wireless aspect will lightly throw a spanner into the works - so to speak. But here's hoping it doesn't take that long to accomplish something worthwhile. [Slashgear]