Samsung's 8K TVs Are Available For Pre-order Now

By Kim Snaith on at

4K is such old news now. 3840 x2160 pixels? Pah, that's nothing! That's practically ancient technology now. Nah mate, if you want to keep up with the Joneses, then you better buy yourself an 8K TV set. Samsung's latest range of TVs are set to release next week and can be pre-ordered right now, offering four times the resolution of those old and useless 4K TV sets. 7680 x 4320! That's how many pixels we need! 33 million!

Okay, clearly I'm being sarcastic, but if you do like to be light years ahead of your friends and family when it comes to new technology, then you might want to head over to Samsung's website and pre-order yourself a Q900R, its flagship 8K TV. But be warned: you're going to need at least £5,000 to spare.

No doubt the Q900R will be an impressive TV judging by the company's fantastic flagship 4K TV, the Q9FN, that we reviewed last month. But just like the Q9, it's going to require a pretty fat wallet to be able to afford. a 65" 8K TV will set you back £5,000, and the 75" model is £7,000. There's also a crazy-sized 85" set if you have £15,000 sat laying round. Fifteen grand!

The 65" and 75" TVs will be available from 16th October, and are available directly from Samsung and other retailers. The 85" behemoth comes out a little later, on 30th October, and can only be bought from select retailers. One of those retailers is Currys, so it might be worth a visit to your local store where you can stare at the OTT resolution and imagine a life where you can drop a house deposit on a telly.