Stormtroopers Always Missed, and its Probably Because They Were Drunk on Their Own Brand of Gin

By Tom Pritchard on at

These days there's a licensing deal for just about everything, and booze is certainly no exception. After all if Johnnie Walker can develop a limited edition bottle of scotch called 'White Walker' then this kind of booze was inevitable. So now there's gin that the stormtroopers can proudly call their own, sold exclusively by Firebox. They even come in helmet-shaped bottles.

After all working for Empire can't be very easy, especially when rebels keep popping up and ruining your day, so I can only imagine this stuff would be popular with the troops. It would certainly explain their poor marksmanship anyway.

Two different varieties of gin are going on sale, in 25cl bottles modelled after the infamous bucket-headed troops of the original trilogy. They were even designed specially by folks at Shepperton Studios, who were responsible for making the originals back in the day. The booze itself has come from London-based Bimber Distillery, who filled them up with their Dry and Sloe gins. The Dry gin is supposed to be made up of juniper berries and "peppery spices, with pleasantly dry and earthy notes and a gentle citrus finish". The Sloe gin, in the other hand is made up of "peppery spices, with pleasantly dry and earthy notes and a gentle citrus finish".

Those descriptions probably mean something to people who enjoy posh gin, because it sounds like gibberish to me. I will assume that means they're good.

Sadly these bottles are not cheap. After all, designing special glass bottles and covering the cost of the license is unlikely to be inexpensive. So a set of two is £50, each with 25cl of booze. Not great, but let's be honest you're only buying this stuff because of the stormtrooper anyway, and that glass bottle can be refilled with Bimber's regular gin anytime you like. Pre-orders are open now, ready for an 11th November release date.