Tesco Scientists Can Tell if You're Only Pretending to be a Foodie

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tesco is doing something weird to promote its Finest range of supposedly tastier and more aesthetically shaped and packaged foodstuffs, teaming up with arthouse foodies Bompas & Parr to build an edible exhibition. Madder still, everyone's going to pretend that brain scans can tell what foods you really like and can be used to build your very own personal taste portfolio.

The event claims it will combine "food, art, design and theatre" – yes theatre – to create a tickets-only event that's basically a posh tasting menu-slash-journey, with Tesco branding and an electroencephalography headset to track actual brain responses to whatever weird foam reduction you're being asked to lick off a roof slate next.

Diners will be asked to eat edible champagne bubbles that are pumped into the air and enjoy unusually prepared wild mushrooms as they bravely soldiering through to the puddings section, while the EEG headset creates what it calls a "sensory selfie" of taste reactions. The latest batch of tickets for the weirdness are being released at midday today, with the event running at at Kachette in, inevitably, London's Shoreditch, between October 11 and 13. [Tesco Devour]