Tesco Will Leave it to You to Decide if That Carrot Can be Salvaged

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tesco has decided we are all grown up enough to be trusted with something, and is about to remove the "best before" dates from a wide range of the fruit and veg it sells; with the ambition of further reducing food waste.

116 products will be added to the list of fresh food that no longer has a best before date on it, which presumably means the supermarket can leave things that look perfectly good out on the shelves for longer – and us lot can keep things at home for longer too, seeing as there won't be a nagging label on the apples saying they need throwing away now and replacing with other, newer apples, to make it look like you actually ever eat apples.

We will therefore have to trust our natural animal instincts to tell us if that orange is still edible from now on, or it the blotchy green stuff around the top means it's only going to be a tart, shrivelled mush inside by now, and it really does need a sad little funeral ceremony to be conducted with close family gathering around the compost bin to decry yet another tragic waste. [Tesco via Guardian]