The 26-30 Railcard Will Be Available Nationwide By The End of the Year

By Kim Snaith on at

Earlier this year, National Rail released a limited run of a 'millennial' railcard, offering discounted off-peak travel to 26-30 year olds. What originally started as a trial for people who happened to live in the Greater Anglia area became national in March this year, but the catch was only 10,000 cards were available. Turns out they were quite popular, and clearly way more than 10,000 people would have wanted one.

Well, if you're between the age of 26 and 30 and didn't manage to get a railcard the first time round, you're in luck: the 26-30 Railcard will go on general sale nationwide – properly, not limited to a certain number – by the end of the year.

National Rail hasn't released the exact date yet, but considering it's nearly November, we'll definitely see the railcard in the next couple of months. For the first time in the exciting history of railcards, the 26-30 card will be digital only. That means you'll have to download a railcard app on your phone and show a digital version of your card every time you travel. No more shuffling around in your purse or wallet to find where you slotted your physical card.

Like most railcards, the 26-30 Railcard will offer a third off the price of most off-peak train journeys. It's a pretty big saving if you travel regularly, but that off-peak business is annoying, especially if you use the train to commute to work. Even National Rail emphasises in its press release that railcards are designed to help people "enjoy leisure journeys", rather than daily commutes. Still, money off is money off.

The railcard costs £30 to buy, and will be available on the 26-30 Railcard website at some point soon. If you fit into that age bracket, it's definitely worth looking into – and the £30 cost can often be offset with just one journey. And if you're not the right age for one of these? Fear not - National Rail has a slew of other railcards that you may be eligible for.