The First Lego Overwatch Model is a Little Bastion

By Kim Snaith on at

Lego Overwatch models have been teased for a few months, and aside from a glimpse at a Tracer minifigure, we haven't seen a great deal. But finally, there's an actual model out in the wild: Omnic Bastion (75987). It's a 12cm tall model of the mech in orange (the character's "Omnic Crisis" skin), complete with machine gun arm and "friendly bird companion" Ganymede.

It's pretty small: the set has just 182 pieces, so this is not an ultra-detailed rendition of Bastion by any means. It's also priced at £22.50, which sounds like a lot for such a small Lego set. But it comes on a special plinth with an exclusive "Lego Blizzard" label, making it ideal for displaying on a shelf somewhere.

Interestingly, the set is not available on the official Lego website – it's only for sale on the Blizzard Gear store. And since the model's box is marked with "Blizzard Exclusive", it's entirely possible that Blizzard's website will remain the only place to pick it up. The Overwatch page on Lego's website still says "coming soon".

Whether you're just a big Overwatch fan or like to collect Lego, it's safe to assume that Lego Omnic Bastion is going to be pretty collectible. The product description even states it is "only available in limited quantities". How limited those quantities are is unclear, but if you're at all interested, we'd recommend picking one up now before your only option is eBay for three times the price.