The Good News is They're Ending the Funny Grown-Up Ladybird Books...

By Gary Cutlack on at

...the bad news is there's one about Brexit to silently nod through before the suffering ends, as The Story of Brexit is released in the pleasing little hardback format this week. Everyone is ordering it for everyone else for Christmas, so it doesn't matter what we think.

As ever, this uses classic Ladybird artwork from the archives to tell the story, only two new men with podcasts from the modern days have supplied updated words that ironically mock a facet of today's world. The same men have co-written Philomena Cunk's solo TV efforts, so if you like the pretending-not-to-understand comedy format this should be right up your street, and inevitably down your Christmas stocking.

If all of your friends are ironic and political enough to get the joke and you need to buy at least 12 copies to hand out this Christmas, it's on Amazon today for £2.24 under the RRP. If you don't get the joke, the good news is this Brexit episode is the last one they're doing, apart from a final compendium to further hammer the single joke home. [Penguin vias Guardian]