The iPhone XR Goes on Sale Today

By Holly Brockwell on at

The long awaited 'cheap' new iPhone, the iPhone XR, finally goes on sale today. People don't tend to queue around the block for Apple launches anymore because, you know, internet, but it's fair to say there are a LOT of people excited for this particular phone.

The company isn't exactly known for low-cost tech products, and £750 for a 'budget' phone would be ridiculous at any other brand, but Apple famously doesn't do compromise, so this is its effort to make a more affordable iPhone that isn't rubbish.

Instead of the OLED display on the iPhone XS, the screen is LCD, and you only get one camera on the back instead of the dual-cam setup on the XS. Apple's also brought back bright colours (yay!) for the XR, with the usual black, white and Project Red accompanied by yellow, coral and a blue that we'd describe as cerulean.

The XR – pronounced "ten R" even though it costs considerably more than that – will run you £749 for 64GB, £799 for 128GB and £899 for 256GB. Which, it has to be said, would buy you a flagship from pretty much any Android manufacturer.

Still, if you're in the market for an iPhone specifically, some people reckon the XR is a better deal than the others. It's available now online and at networks and Apple stores – even the one in Covent Garden, which reopens today after being closed for yonks.