The New Palm Phone is Coming to the UK, With Vodafone Getting Timed Exclusivity

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this month it was announced that the Palm was being revived, with some changes coming to account for the fact we've moved beyond PDAs. But rather than going big, and trying to compete with the titans of the smartphone world, the 2018 Palm is going small. Offering a tiny Android phone that's designed to help you disconnect without losing functionality. Others have suggested it's like a dumb phone with extra features that don't insist you star at it all the time.

The good news for us Brits is that we now know the Palm will be coming to the UK, rather than remaining exclusive to US-based network Verizon. The downside to some is that Vodafone will be the only network stocking the phone for the first six months, and it hasn't revealed when the credit card-sized device will go on sale. Or how much it will cost for that matter.

So there's still a lot we don't know about the UK launch, but it will be happening. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to find out what's going on.