The OnePlus 6T is Launching on 30th October

By Kim Snaith on at

Earlier this morning, we shared the news that OnePlus was teasing something 6T-related. We weren't sure exactly what it was. A launch? A tease of a tease? Neither of those: OnePlus has revealed that its next handset, the 6T, will be launching globally on 30th October.

It's a little later than we'd originally anticipated, with earlier reports suggesting we'd see the handset launch next week. Still, it's nice to finally have solid confirmation from the company itself that the handset is not too far away.

The launch event will be happening in New York City on 30th October, at 3 p.m. GMT. For us on this side of the Atlantic however, the whole event will be livestreamed, and you can sign up to watch that by clicking here. For those able to attend in person, there'll be free goodie bags and a pair of Bullets Wireless earphones. If you'll happen to be in New York at the time and want to attend, tickets cost £16 and can be purchased here.

The new handset promises "superior craftsmanship and design combined with powerful, cutting-edge technology". Ooh. Well, we'll see it for ourselves in just over three weeks.

Featured image: Twitter/OnePlus