There Are So Many Amazing Halloween Posters It's Almost Scary

By Germain Lussier on at

When John Carpenter released Halloween in 1978, he never could have imagined this happening. We don’t mean the abundance of slasher imitators that spawned multiple franchises of their own. We mean all the damn movie posters based on the film!

Halloween has got to be one of the most popular films to inspire pop culture artists. It might even be the most popular. Dozens and dozens of artists have all taken a crack at the film, creating gorgeous, highly collectible posters. So with the new film coming out, I decided to pick my favourites out of that group, most of which have been long sold out, and put them all together in a single place. I also discovered some new posters, many of which are still available, that could just rival some of these classics.

First up, here are a bunch of Halloween posters that are on either sale now via Hero Complex or will be going on sale at some point today via Mondo. Check them out, complete with purchase links.

Halloween by Bill Sienkiwicz, available in two editions from Mondo on Friday. Image: Mondo

One of two Jason Edmiston Halloween prints; on sale via Mondo Friday. Image: Mondo

Halloween by Phantom City Creative, on sale Friday via Mondo in two editions. Image: Mondo

Halloween by Benedict Woodhead on sale via Hero Complex Gallery. Image: Hero Complex

Halloween by Brian Hefner via Gallery 1988. Image: Gallery 1988

Halloween by Kevin Wilson, on sale via Hero Complex Gallery. Image: Hero Complex

Halloween by Marko Manev on sale via Hero Complex Gallery. Image: Hero Complex

Halloween by James Rheem Davis on sale via Hero Complex Gallery. Image: Hero Complex

Halloween by Melvin Mago on sale through Hero Complex Gallery in two editions. Image: Hero Complex

Halloween by Rich Davies on sale via Hero Complex Gallery.

Halloween by Scott Park on sale via Hero Complex

Halloween by Vance Kelly on sale via Hero Complex

Now, while all those posters are (or will be) currently available, the below posters have long since sold out so they’re only available on the secondary market. Still, they are incredible.

Halloween by Jason Edmiston for Mondo. There is also a regular edition, and it’s a companion to a poster above. Image: Mondo

Halloween by Bob Gleason, released by Bottleneck. And yes, this is just the one sheet, recreated. But damn if it isn’t beautiful. Image: Bottleneck

Halloween by Jack C. Gregory

Halloween by Jock for Mondo. There is also a regular version. Image: Mondo

Halloween by Phantom City Creative for Mondo. There is also a regular edition. Image: Mondo

Halloween by Matthew Peak, released by Bottleneck. There is also a variant edition. Image: Bottleneck

Halloween by Gary Pullin, regular and variant, released by Mondo. Image: Mondo

Halloween by Paul Shipper for Shout Factory

Halloween by Ken Taylor, released by Mondo. There’s also a variant edition. Image: Mondo

Halloween by Matt Ryan Tobin for Hero Complex. Image: Hero Complex

That’s 22 posters total and that’s just a tiny sliver of what’s available. You can visit the pop culture art website Expresso Beans, search “Halloween,” to see even more. (Or just click here, I made a link for you.)

Some may wonder what it is about this film, more than, say, The Exorcist, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, or The Shining that makes artists pay it such frequent homage. Frankly, I don’t have an answer to that – maybe it’s just easier to get the license. Or maybe it was just that formative for a generation of artists. Either way, it’s well-deserved and the results are incredibly gorgeous.