There's a £110 Doctor Who Jumper Now it's Popular Again

By Gary Cutlack on at

Doctor Who fans who shop in Selfridges is a pretty small niche, but that is the group of perhaps as many as 12 people about to be targeted by fashion duo Fyodor Golan, who have been granted the awesome power of an official BBC license to create very expensive fashion items for the adult Who enthusiast.

Like a jumper with a dalek on, yours from October 16, but only in Selfridges. Or a hoodie that's all stars, or a t-shirt with a dalek on even though no daleks have yet been spotted in the new series, or a hat that says WHO like those old BOY ones from the 1980s that we were always too shy to wear. Prices for the range start at £110 and go up to £195, so they're definitely only for the posher Doctor Who fan. The ones who dress like Peter Davison's incarnation. [The Doctor Who Site]