There's a Sushi You Can Have for Pudding Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

Today's weird foodstuff news is brought to you in association with Yo! Sushi, which has decided that what it really needs to appeal to people beyond its usual customer demographic is things that won't be immediately dismissed as containing raw fish. Like, for example, a chocolate type of sushi, that has definitely not got any fish in it whatsoever, and isn't even produced in a factory that also processes fish. It is only chocolate. That'll get them in from the pubs and Burger Kings.

These special chocolate sushi rolls have been created for Yo! by boutique sweetmaker Choc on Choc, and will appear on the conveyors of Yo! branches inside Selfridges branches in London, Manchester and Birmingham. Just for a limited period, though, as it's one of those special weeks soon – national chocolate week – which will see the sushi franchise sell the chocolate rolls between the 15th and 21st of October. The rice is white chocolate. The fish is dark chocolate. Do not dip them in the sauces.

Choc on Choc has been making such faux fish treats for a while, so if you're not within range of a participating Selfridges, small selection boxes can be bought online too. Christmas for your Japan-liking friend = sorted. [Metro]