Those New iPad Pros Don't Have Headphone Jacks, So You'll Need to Buy Yet Another Adaptor

By Tom Pritchard on at

So it's been a while since Apple first removed the headphone jack from the iPhone, forcing people to use some sort of Lightning cable if they wanted to use wired headphones. The same is true for the iPad Pros that were announced this afternoon, but because they have USB-C ports you're going to need a whole new adaptor.

The bad news, via Engadget, is that Apple won't be including one of those in the box. If you want to use your old 3.5mm headphones you're going to need to buy an adaptor for yourself - assuming you don't already have one from buying a headphone jack-free Android phone recently. If you don't already have one then Apple is kind enough to sell you one for £9. That's the same price as the Lightning equivalent, which Apple has stopped giving away with new iPhones.

Is anyone surprised? I'm not. Of course Apple was going to pull the headphone jack from the iPad at some point, and the fact that it's got a different connector naturally means there's a different adaptor around. But of course there's always Bluetooth, and Apple would definitely like it if you went out and bought a pair of those from your nearest Apple Store. At least the new MacBook Air still has a headphone jack. [Engadget]