Three Will be Stocking Xiaomi Devices From 9th November

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last week we got news that Xiaomi was moving forward with its long-awaited UK launch, with the promise that it will be arriving here on 10th November. Not just that, it would be opening up its own dedicated store where people can go in to see Xiaomi devices in the flesh. Much like those used by Apple and Samsung. Today we've found out that Xiaomi will also be partnering with Three, with devices going on sale on 9th November.

Wait, this sounds familiar... Oh right, that's because Three spilled the beans on this deal way back in May. At the time there was no set timeline on when Xiaomi products would make it to your local Three branch, and over the past few months many of us have been wondering exactly what's going on. Well now we do know, though there's no indication on why that announcement was made so early.

Today Three has confirmed Xiaomi phones will be available online and in 327 of its high street shops across the UK, and will be the first UK network to offer Xiaomi products. They also have all those other perks like Go Binge, various iterations of global roaming, and are one of only two big-name networks to offer unlimited mobile data - the other being Virgin.

Shadi Halliwell, chief marketing officer at Three UK, said:

“The partnership with Xiaomi is an exciting one for us. They have a broad portfolio of connected devices and we are looking forward to unveiling our future plans together.”

That implies we'll be seeing more than just phones, but we'll have to wait and see exactly what Three will have to offer. That shouldn't take long, however. The Xiaomi 'Mi' store opens up next Saturday, and it's bound to be full of everything the company is planning on bringing to the UK.