People Faint More on the Tube on Mondays

By Holly Brockwell on at

An "alarming" number of people have been fainting on the tube during rush hour, and it's not because they'd been on the lash the night before – it's happening more on Mondays than any other day.

Figures obtained by the BBC show that 825 people have either felt faint or actually fainted between 8 and 9am on weekdays since 2016.

8-9 was by far the most common time for people to faint, with Kings Cross St Pancras the station with the most swoons. That's not surprising: it's also the busiest station on the whole tube map. Second and third place were taken by Green Park and Liverpool Street, also popular destinations. The trains are apparently so packed that people faint standing up because there's no room to fall down.

TfL apparently told the BBC it tries to keep temperatures and crowding to a minimum (though we'd argue they should be focusing more on that and less on tube-branded shoes), while the RMT union described the figures as "alarming."

This summer and last, temperatures on the tube famously exceeded the safe EU limit for conveying cattle. We'd put money on it being exactly the same next year, though maybe Crossrail will help somewhat. If you can work from home on Mondays (or, hell, every day), you officially have our permission.

Main image: Oatsy40 via Flickr CC