Unrestored 2001: A Space Odyssey Heads to IMAX in November

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new and yet also old version of Kubrick's dazzling 2001 is set to show on the London Science Museum's IMAX cinema screen this November, with the event proudly using a new version of the film made from the original 70mm negatives and therefore free from any modern restoration or digital retouching.

For additional retro joy, this print is to be accompanied by an interlude, recreating the half-time ice cream and a trip to the toilet that cinema goers would've enjoyed when the film was first shown in 1968. Tickets are not yet available, but if you're excited and want to join the ironic scrum while wearing a cardboard box HAL costume, the Science Museum is letting people register to be notified of when sales begin. The showing runs from November 1 to 24, and remember to set aside four hours, as including the opening, interlude and credits, the full experience runs for 230 minutes. [Science Museum]