Vodafone's 5G Trial in Manchester Ditches 4G Altogether

By Holly Brockwell on at

Vodafone's been busy lately. First they got Three's cringe-tastic Puggerfly Snapchat advert banned, then they hosted what is apparently the world's first live holographic call (!), and now they're making 5G happen in Greater Manchester.

We already knew the network was planning commercial 5G services for 2019, but one of its first major trials has already begun, and interestingly it doesn't use 4G whatsoever.

According to Pocket Lint, even though no one in the Manchester area will have a 5G phone yet because there aren't any on sale, the network is using only 5G bandwidth to deliver internet services to its customers.

That's interesting because other trials have used 5G in addition to the existing 4G network, although the two technologies can't share the same equipment in the same way 3G and 4G could. For instance, EE's trial in Canary Wharf still had 4G switched on at the same time.

The launch of 5G seems to be moving closer all the time, with definitive announcements of commercial 5G phones from OnePlus and LG, with Huawei even saying it's working on a 5G phone that folds up, thus combining two of next year's predicted big themes.

The Manchester Vodafone trial is just the start of the network's plans in the UK: another six cities are coming soon, while the other networks are also busily prepping their own testbeds.

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