White Walker is Johnnie Walker's Limited Edition Game of Thrones-Themed Whisky

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last year Johnnie Walker released a limited edition Black Label scotch whisky to tie-in with the release of Blade Runner 2049. That sort of licensing must have done well for the company, because it's done something similar this year. It's just announced the launch of White Walker, a Game of Thrones-themed bottle of scotch.

The idea behind this bottle of booze is that you keep it in the freezer and serve it straight out, almost as if it was being kept in the freezing depths of the lands beyond the Wall. You'll know when your bottle is the right temperature, because Johnnie Walker used heat-sensitive ink to flash up "Winter is Here" whenever the bottle is frozen. If it's not there, well, you need to cool that liquor down if you want to do things properly. As for the striding man that adorns every Johnnie Walker bottle, he's been kitted out in specialised White Walker armour.

As for the scotch itself, it's said to have notes of caramelised sugar and vanilla, fresh red berries with a touch of orchard fruit, and features Single Malts from Cardhu and Clynelish – one of the most northern distilleries in Scotland. Fitting, really.

Each 70cl bottle is going to cost £34, and will be exclusive to Amazon here in the UK. Unless, of course, you're travelling abroad, because Johnnie Walker said that it will also be stocked in airports across the world.