ai Join the Smart Assistant Business With Music Centric 'Omega'

By Tom Pritchard on at is very keen on technology. In the past he said how much he wants to be like Bill Gates of Steve Jobs, and from the sounds of things he isn't going to be giving up on his dreams of tech dominance. No matter how many rubbish gadgets he produces, and how few people buy them. Well he's back with something new, a virtual assistant designed to take on the likes of Alexa and Google, called Omega.

The AI made its debut at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, which showed Omega to be somewhat musically inclined - fitting giving's own musical career. Omega was able to play tracks individual tracks upon request, as well as offering up information on the artist and any upcoming live performances they may be doing. On top of that it could look up restaurant info near the venue, and help you sort out your entire evening.

According to Mr himself, Omega is designed as a response to "the pain points people feel" when using other smart assistant, though Yahoo Finance points out he wasn't being critical of competitors. In fact he was quite the opposite, praising Amazon for their work with Alexa but noting that things aren't perfect. Which is where Omega comes in.

Naturally has a history of products that weren't very well received, but as he pointed out at Dreamforce he isn't that bothered by the criticism:

“I’m not worried about what people might think of my attempts and my failures. I’m the kind of person that gets up, like what the f…? What did I trip on? All right, cool. Note to self: there is a rope on the rug, hop over it next time.”

It's not clear how much of a market there is for another virtual assistant, especially with the dominance of Amazon and Google, plus the fact people have been incredibly resistant to the likes of Cortana and Bixby. The latter far more so than Microsoft's attempts. As for device integration, all we know is that intends to release a new version of his Buttons earbuds with Omega installed. After that? Well it;s anyone's guess, but considering how much stuff release you can be sure Omega will have a home somewhere. [Yahoo Finance via TechRadar]