Wireless Charging Still Isn't Fast Enough for the OnePlus 6T

By Tom Pritchard on at

So yesterday was the day the OnePlus 6T arrived, showing off what has changed since the launch of the OnePlus 6 back in May. A few common phone features are still missing, though, and among them is wireless charging. Despite the glass back of the 6 and 6T, neither devices lets you put your phone on a special mat to recharge. According to OnePlus CEO Pete Lau that's because it's simply too slow.

Speaking to Ubergizmo Lau confirmed that the mechanics of wireless charging are quite simple, but because the company holds itself to such high standards the feeling is that wireless charging isn't ready for inclusion.

"The technology for wireless charging is not terribly complex. We could implement it but we haven’t wanted to because it’s been too slow. So we haven’t seen it being up to the level that we want in driving value for the users and their device experience"

But he noted that there's some potential in the future, thanks to some work being done by Qualcomm.

"But potentially – and I’m not totally sure on all the details – Qualcomm might have a solution in the works that would deliver the speed that we want without the added heat and the other drawbacks that have been faced in looking at the technology.”

So there's nothing concrete to be announced, but OnePlus is definitely open to adding wireless charging at some point in the future - it just needs to be fast enough for the company's liking and not produce too much heat in the process. Who knows if we'll see it on the OnePlus 7, or even the 7T, but it sounds like it'll be added as soon as it's ready. Hopefully OnePlus adds a second speaker soon too. [Ubergizmo]