Yep, the OnePlus 6T Will Also be Available From Amazon UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last week OnePlus announced it had done some businessing, and had partnered up with networks and retailers to get more OnePlus 6Ts into the hands of the people. So you don't have to go to O2 or suffer the wait of the official OnePlus store. Now, as we guessed, OnePlus has confirmed Amazon UK will be stocking the phone as well.

This isn't a huge surprise, seeing as how Amazon started taking pre-orders for the OnePlus 6 earlier this month. Those phones aren't due for release until 30th October, but it suggested that there was a chance Jeff Bezos would be offering the still-unreleased 6T as well. Now we know that's true, and it means you will be able to order yourself a OnePlus 6T and have it delivered quickly thanks to Amazon Prime. It's not clear whether it will be available via Prime Now for the truly impatient people who refuse to go to John Lewis or not get an unlocked phone.

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei said:

“We have always seen a high demand in the UK for OnePlus products, so we’re pleased to be working with - a partner who holds the same vision as us - to offer people more quality choice.”

OnePlus has confirmed that the 6T will be available from all retailers and networks on 6th November, though as previously announced you can always head down to the London pop-up store on 31st October and pick one up there. Assuming you're willing to queue.