YouPorn Launches 'Search by Emoji' Feature, Because Words are Clearly Too Inefficient

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's easy to find porn on the internet. Far too easy, if you ask some people, but YouPorn doesn't think it's easy enough. With that in mind it's launching a new feature called 'Search by Emoji' which lets you skip the popular search terms in favour of your phone's array of mini cartoon images. It makes a sort of sense, because typing one-handed can be a bit of a pain.

To facilitate this, YouPorn has associated 75 different emojis with a different search term on the site. The aubergine/egg plant emoji is obvious, and will lead you to videos featuring giant wangs. Giant even for porn, I assume. Similarly the party popper will take you to videos of orgies, the high heel will bring up fetish videos, and a star-struck face is the designated cartoon for verified amateur stars.

The point of this is to make exploration seamless when you're viewing YouPorn's collection of naked videos from a mobile device. Simply slap in an emoji from wherever they're kept on your phone, and it will throw up relevant videos for you to enjoy. Just make sure to check up on which emojis mean what, while also making sure to avoid accidentally searching for the poo emoji. Charlie Hughes, Vice President of YouPorn, said:

“With the significant increase in our user base viewing our content on mobile devices, we’re excited to offer a fun and easy way to explore new content,” said Charlie Hughes, Vice President of YouPorn. “The ability to search by emoji is our latest technological advancement and we are thrilled to bring this option to our loyal user base, offering specific content that suits what our users are looking for at the exact time they are looking for it.”

If you want to check out the system for yourself, in a SFW manner, YouPorn has launched a porn-free version of the search to see what different emojis mean. The results are very NSFW, but it'll warn you before any of the naughty stuff flashes up.