YouTube Scientist Creates Runaway Greenhouse Effect in DIY Polytunnel

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man with one of those modern social media faces has had to bandon his latest idea for a thing to do and film, after the wrong sort of weather broke his latest experiment and caused CO2 levels in his miniature DIY biodome to rise to dangerous levels.

Self-certified scientist Kurtis Baute built his plastic sarcophagus to test the CO2-absorption powers of plants, with the idea being that the 200 plants he sealed himself in with would absorb the CO2 he exhaled, in turn releasing enough oxygen for him to breathe. He didn't pay enough attention to the weather forecast, though.

After 15 hours in his sealed biodome the CO2 concentration started reaching danger highs, thanks to the lack of sun slowing the photosynthesis processes of his plant friends so they couldn't keep up with all the breathing out Baute kept doing. Hence his CO2 meters told him it might be best to abort, lest he suffer potential ill-effects from oxygen deprivation. It wasn't a complete waste of time, though, as important awareness of the danger of doing stuff solely for YouTube views has been raised. [Twitter via iNews]