15-Year-Old Gets Points on Non-Existent Driving Licence for Electric Scootering

By Gary Cutlack on at

The coming of the age of the electric scooter is bringing some tedious administrative problems into the lives of their oblivious riders, what with the popular gadgets not allowed by law to be used on anything other than a private bit of land. And Argos not doing a very good job of communicating this boring legislative fact to buyers.

Hence when an unnamed 15-year-old was clocked giving an electric scooter some welly and hitting what was described as a "high speed" around Cleveland on his machine, the police had a word, then a court had some words, and the end result is he now has six points on his driving licence. Although, of course, he's not yet old enough to even have a driving licence, so the points are somehow being buffered up in DVLA land pending him qualifying to drive in a few years' time. THEN he'll get taught a lesson and will spend most of his 17th birthday looking at car insurance comparison sites in disbelief.

Local officer Mike Doherty explained: "Under the Road Traffic Act we can report the individual rider for not having insurance, a licence, a number plate, helmet and MOT for the scooter. This person will then be reported for summons and will be given a minimum of six points on their licence or future licence and a possible fine." [Guardian]