£1m Bouncy Castle Experience Coming to the Midlands

By Gary Cutlack on at

In your face stupid big wheels and observation decks, this is what the people really want. A massive bouncy castle. A huge safe space where you can windmill about and get all the anger out without hurting your elbows. You can throw yourself on the floor and scream and kick and roll about and it'll be all right, in fact you'll even get a sticker at the end of it saying "well done."

It's the AirX by Action Games, due in 2019, and the developer of the £1m attraction thinks it's going to be a winner thanks to offering more in the way of interactive playing elements than offered by the mere massive padded rooms of rival attractions. Backer Darren Zabinski said: "There are lots of standard inflatable parks across the country -- but we're different. We're building in lots of opportunities for the family to get active together, get away from TV screens, phones, games and tablets, and it will have moving parts where you can compete against your friends in different challenges."

It's not the only one, though, as Sheffield is getting something very similar, with the Meadowhall Air Haus also letting locals throw themselves at walls to bounce the pain away in a colourful environment this year. We will soon be a nation of massive bouncy castles, and therefore the envy of the world. [Stoke Sentinel]