5-Star Resort Bans Phones By The Pool

By Holly Brockwell on at

An intensely fancy resort in Bali has banned guests, who presumably pay an arm and a leg to be there, from using their phones by the pool. Because there's nothing like paying £££ for a holiday only to have the terms of your enjoyment dictated to you.

According to the Guardian, the Ayana Resort in Bali has banned not only smartphones but "all digital devices" from the pool area. So absolutely no reading your Kindle on your expensive holiday, but presumably books made from martyred trees are A-OK.

The rule is apparently:

"an attempt to forcibly untether people from the global addiction of checking the news, compulsively taking photos, updating social media and replying to emails even when on holiday.

Instead guests are encouraged to swim, read books, or play a game of Jenga, or just 'truly relax and be in the moment,' according to a hotel spokesperson."

I'm sorry, Jenga? Relaxing? What could be more calming than a perilously wobbling tower about to come crashing catastrophically down with just one wrong move? Actually, maybe we should rename Jenga to 'Brexit: the game'.

Ayana Resort was named a 'Traveller's Choice' on TripAdvisor earlier this year, but we suspect that'll change when grumpy holidaymakers find they can't leave their reviews – or reach their families, capture precious holiday memories, or check if they've actually got any money left – from their sun loungers.

Honestly, the digital detox thing is getting really tiring. Most of the people who are booking at places like this will probably have seen it online somewhere, like Instagram or Pinterest. They'll probably have booked online or from their phones. They'll have requested recommendations of places to visit from friends on Facebook and Twitter. But the resort benefiting from all this digital research is trying to tell us "phones are bad"? Really?

If you want to take some time away from your phone to relax on holiday, that's great. You do that. But no one should be telling you to, not least because it'll probably completely backfire and make you crave your phone in a way you wouldn't if it was your own decision.

In short, we'll be going somewhere else on holiday, which is good because we probably couldn't afford an hour in that resort anyway.

Main image: Facebook/Ayana Resort