A Junk Food Advertising Ban is on the Way for London's Transport Network

By Gary Cutlack on at

February of 2019 is going to see a subtle change in the fabric of London society, as from the 25th of the month all advertising for what's loosely bracketed as "junk food" will be banned from being sold and displayed inside the city's buses and on the Underground/Overground lines.

The move's being promoted by the city's mayor, who's taken it upon himself to be the saviour of the overweight children whose lives he sort of oversees like a smartly suited god. The ban specifically covers the HFSS range of supposedly bad things deemed too high in fat, sugar or salt, with sugary drinks, burgers, chocolate and even overly salted nut products covered by the impending ban.

Any restaurants that specialise in burgers and the like may continue to advertise, but only if the ads make sole mention of their salad ranges and those little bags of sad squared-off carrots that are often the only option possible to get into a child in such establishments.

Mayor Sadiq Khan said through a mouthful of unsalted raw peanuts: "It's completely unacceptable that in a city as prosperous as London, where you live and the amount you earn can have a massive impact on whether you have access to healthy, nutritious food. I'm determined to change this." [London Mayor via Sky News]

Image credit: Unsplash